The West Highland Way

The West Highland Way

When it comes to walking destinations, Scotland is an international favourite. The idyllic hillsides and magnificent mountains surrounding the plunging valleys and sprawling lochs make for some of the most scenic walking routes there are. One of the most popular long-distance walks in Scotland is the West Highland Way.

Walking The West Highland Way

The route is split into 14 different sections, all of varying length and difficulty. The shortest section is only 2 miles long while the longest part is 16 miles. Although most sections are around 7 miles in length. You can easily pick a section that suits you and make a day of it.

There are lots of options for getting to and from the sections of the route. Road access and parking are fairly good along the way. There are good bus and train links in the area. For the section along Loch Lomond, there is even the water bus which covers a few of the stopping points.

You can traverse the whole route all year round. However, unless you are a very experienced walker and are used to walking in the cold, you are best advised to avoid tackling the walk during wintertime.

About The West Highland Way

The whole route is 96 miles in length. It typically takes 6-7 days to walk the entire route. Most people walk to path from South to North. The reasoning is that the southern sections are easier so you can break yourself in before tackling the last few challenging days.

The whole route is waymarked. It is pretty easy to follow as the route is well maintained. However, it is worth taking a map and compass or a reliable GPS with you, just in case though.

It is possible to cycle on most sections of the route. The West Highland Way is designed with walkers in mind, so there may be some sections where you need to get off and walk or when you will need to lift your bike over gates. If you plan to cycle you should do your research first so you know which sections will suit you and your bike best.

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